Why we do what we do.

Established in 2013, Dixie Heritage opened up its first retail store in the Seminole Towne Center Mall, FL with the goal of showcasing, in a mall setting, Southern lifestyle and pride merchandise which previously hid behind dusty flea market shelves, obscure shops and the Internet.  The market response was so overwhelmingly positive, that we quickly grew to 6 Central FL mall locations within 2 years.  In and around the Summer of 2015, when most retailers and websites were taking down everything Confederate, Dixie Heritage stood by its name and proclaimed to protect the rights of Southerners to proudly display their heritage.  We continued and, until today, sell the controversial Confederate Battle "Rebel" Flag because it's our position that the Flag remains a part of our country's history and a symbol of heritage for all Southerners, Anglo- and Afro-Americans alike;  Southern Heritage, like any other, should be preserved. 

We support all things  American Southern- to name a few: the NRA, Military, State Pride, Blue & Red Line, Southern Heritage, and Hunting & Fishing.

But, of course, Dixie Heritage is not only about a political stance.  As a small, family-owned and managed business, we know the struggles of competing with large conglomerates.  We are a strong supporter of lifestyle brands created by small, local businesses, like us, working hard to make a name for themselves.  The objective with our brands is simple: to grow strong together.

What sets us apart is our unique products and our commitment to our customers.  As a small retailer, we are in a unique position to give our customers customized service.  We remain a small business in order to stay rooted and engage directly with our sales staff and our customers every day.

Now into 2017, and by much demand, we are opening our stores to e-commerce with the confidence that it will become the shopping hub for those who cannot shop at one of our local store locations.

We welcome customer feedback, and we'd love to hear from you.


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